Una Sola Casa

In 2004 Inti was invited by Gasworks Studios (London) to collaborate with Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre (an artist from Uruguay living in the UK). The idea was to develop a project to supports the need for visibility and acknowledgment of the fast growing Latin American community in London.

In their distinct yet connected way, the artists used their creative energies to organise activities that brought the fragmented community together, getting them to voice their views, needs and concerns. These series of meetings, workshops, exhibition visits and community celebrations is known as the
Una Sola Casa project.

Inti had organised a similar project in a residency in Caracas a few years earlier. In there he created “intelligent parties” by inviting cross sections of the community in the city to meet up in an informal manner to discuss questions of regeneration that were affecting the areas in which they were living. These were rare opportunities, for instance, for architects to actually meet the people affected by the changes.

Similarly, in London the project with the Latin American community brought issues such as housing, education, quality of life, consciences of community to the attention of the local authority who responded positively to an awareness campaign designed by the artists in collaboration with the Latin American tenants of a social housing estate.