Sunrise (Central Station, Amsterdam) (Human Needs series)

In Sunrise (Central Station, Amsterdam), a drawing of a sunrise would be created on a window by using stencils to clean away parts of the dirt, which accumulates on the glass. Light filters through the glass allowing a sunrise to enter the station, basking everyone in its subtle glow.

Artist Comment

The source of Sunrise (the series) was born in my hometown Santa Clara, Cuba in the nineties. With the fall of the socialist block in Eastern Europe, the Cuban economy collapsed and daily life came to a standstill. The days went by and the blistering heat mercilessly struck my city, shrivelling it like the face of an old lady.

With the money I then made with my first art sell I decided to restore my mother’s old family house where I was also born and grew up in.

The restoring work of our home became a living symbol of a rare and concrete change, a manifestation of loving energy turning a circumstance of defeat into unexpected victory.