Square of Subtleties  (Encounter Place series)

For the Vredenburgplein I propose an encounter place that is multifunctional for this dynamic location. The city floor subtly transforms into a large octagonal shape. The glazed bricks in different colors give the place a warm ambiance. On their way to the center of the piece people pass two seating elements opposite each other with the shape of stairs where you can eat and drink, relax and have a conversation. One has the round shapes of a circle, the other the straight lines of a square. In between the two seating elements, in the middle of the artwork, is a drinking fountain. Like the floor, it is octagonal, combining the round and straight shapes. Eight capital letters serve as drain for the drinking fountain and together they form the word LIEFDEVOL (‘loving’).

This piece is designed to be a meeting point, a landmark that boosts the central function of the square; a place where people like to be.