Encounters (ice trays) (Encounter Place series)

Encounter (ice trays) is a variation of the ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’ drinking glasses concept. Trays are used to make ice cubes in the shape of the word ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’. When placed together in the same glass they let go of their differences, melting into one another. Two shapes with opposites meanings unite by sharing a common goal: ‘to cool down our drinks’.

Friend/enemy is a pair of oppositions much like white/black, oppositions that appear whenever mono-logical speech is used to resolve differences. Based on this logic, the valuation act runs the risk of being used to reduce, to exclude or to discriminate. Through ‘Encounter (ice trays)’ these two oppositions see how their differences disappear. Once immersed in the liquid filled glasses `amigos’ and `enemigos’ shed their harshness to engage in a shared purpose.

It would resemble an act of ecumenical participation coming “to refresh the content of our heated drinks”. ‘Encounter (ice trays)’ is a temporary intervention; it is ephemeral and has a performative character. The public is invited to exercise their opinion and engage in dialogue which is an essential part of the participatory action. This subtle work and playful suggestion seeks to reflect on the foundations of coexistence: tolerance and the recognition of the existence of the other. The present utility in the interchange and the collaboration appear in ‘Encounter (ice trays)’ as an invitation that welcomes the celebration, rejoicing within and around us.