Armoniosa (Encounter Place series)

Armoniosa is an intimate square that serves as a ‘meeting point’ and a landmark in the city. In the piece three key elements relate to one another: a floor design, three benches and a drinking fountain (the drinking fountain could be replaced by a tree).

The FLOOR is a mosaic of opposite colours that overlap each other creating a new and enriched reality. This mosaic is made with traditional building technics and the use of local materials.

Two of the THREE BENCHES alternate possibilities between an interior way of sitting, where people face each other and are invited to have a conversation, and an exterior way of sitting, where people can be by themselves. The third bench is neutral. It has no back and for that reason we could sit in both ways. This bench is there to remind us that opposites can find themselves sharing a common thing, something fundamental that brings them closer to each other.

The DRINKING FOUNTAIN is at the middle of the composition. In its upper plate we recognize a miniature of the composition of the square itself. The only differences are the scale and a ring of letters, taking the place of the benches. These letters serve as the drain of the drinking fountain and their combination ‘hides’ the word A R M O N I O S A. The first and last ‘A’ are the same letter and thus the word is left without beginning and without end.

A TREE can replace the drinking fountain. In this case, on the floor a bronze ring will surround the trunk of the tree. In the ring appear the letters that make up the word A R M O N I O S A. The meaning and purpose of these letters as well as that of the whole piece is in the hands of the interest and curiosity of the public that inhabits the piece and completes it with their sensitivity, intelligence and participation.