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Inti Hernandez (1976) Santa Clara, Cuba.

Live and work in Amsterdam and Havana.

Architecture and industrial design are closely connected with daily life. In his work, Inti Hernandez uses their language combined with simple elements that do not rely on artistic knowledge to be understood and/or appreciated.

For Hernandez, art is a medium to create conversation and dialogue. The nature of his work embodies collaboration. He seeks meaning and trigger reflection through his artistic process and interaction with those who engage with his work.

Inti Hernandez gives form to his ideas through drawings, sculptures, videos and objects with daily use, performative actions and structures in public places.

Hernandez complements his artistic practice by giving lectures, workshops and teaching in universities, art academies and other institutions and organizations inside the community.

Currently he works with Galerie Ron Mandos (Amsterdam) and La Acacia gallery (Havana).