Inti Hernandez (1976) Santa Clara, Cuba.
Currently live and work between Amsterdam and Havana.

I make my art as a medium to create conversation and dialogue; as a means to share my personal experiences with those who engage with my work. I try to share lessons that I have learned in life, which I believe could be relevant for others. Through my work I aim to build a common ground between my audience and myself. The results can lead to an encounter – a dialogue between us – yet also trigger self-reflection.

In my work I make use of elements that are recognized by others, but that do not rely on artistic knowledge to understand them. I am not trying to create artistic expressions and explain them to everyone, but rather to express my ideas through art using a vocabulary of materials and concepts that anyone could understand. I give form to my ideas through drawings, sculptures, and objects with daily use, performative actions and structures in public places.

Currently I work with Ron Mandos gallery (Amsterdam), Villa Manuela gallery (Havana) and Casado Santapau gallery (Madrid).